Estate Planning

A proper Estate Plan is essential for anyone who values their hard work and family. An Estate Plan refers to the establishment of instructions in the form of legal documents providing for the administration, management, and distribution of property/assets in case of death or incapacity.

Failing to prepare a proper Estate Plan can result in significant and unnecessary risks, costs, and burdens for your family and future generations upon your passing; some of which are as follows:

  • Your estate may be required to go through Probate which can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary court costs and attorney's fees;
  • Your assets and property become part of a formal Probate process which is a ... more


Have you ever wondered what will happen to your belongings after death? Typically the answer is Probate.

Probate is a Court proceeding that takes place after one dies. Probate can be a lengthy and involved process. An effective Estate Plan developed by the attorneys at Waller & Co. can help avoid a complex Probate process. It includes:

  • proving in court that a deceased person's will is valid;
  • having an executor to administer and distribute your assets and property appointed by the court;
  • identifying and inventorying the deceased's assets and property;
  • having the assets and property appraised;
  • paying debts and taxes, and protecting family and friends from creditor claims to ... more

Business Law & Corporate Services

Waller & Co. prides itself on having the business acumen and legal experience to provide practical, goal oriented, and cost effective solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses. Waller & Co. has helped many of our clients' businesses prosper through the stages of startup, profitability, growth, and expansion. We want to see our clients' business go through these stages of success. Simply put, our attorneys work smart and hard to help you make this possible.

Since the firm's inception, our attorneys have worked closely as corporate counsel for businesses in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, technology, marketing, medical, real estate, and entertainment. Our clients are small "mom and pop" style retailers, brick and mortar manufacturers, inventors, ... more


Tax Law and Services

Our lead attorney, Harvey Waller, is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience in tax and legal matters. Prior to practicing law, Harvey Waller worked for the Internal Revenue Service for seven years. There, he gained valuable experience involving a variety of simple to complex matters for individuals and businesses. He also gained valuable experience understanding the processes and inner workings of the Internal Revenue Service. Since that time, Harvey Waller has combined his tax and legal experience to tackle a variety of tax matters for Waller & Co.’s clients.

Waller & Co. offers the following tax related services:

  • Federal and State Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Audit Representation
  • Tax Deficiency Assessment ... more


Litigation and general disputes are a fact of life for many. Individuals who own businesses, have assets and property, and take risks have a greater tendency to be involved in litigation. Whether you are looking to assert your rights against someone or defend your rights against one pursuing you, litigation can be an uncomfortable, confusing, and stressful thing for many. Waller & Co. understands this and works hard at keeping our clients comfortable, protected, and confident during the litigation process.

The lawyers at Waller & Co. have the legal expertise, experience, and an aggressive mindset to achieve our clients’ litigation objectives. Our successful litigation practice is derived from a complete commitment to obtaining an effective resolution to a client's litigation problems; ... more

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  • Juan H. – Owner of Hispanic Grocery Distributor

    It’s a comfortable feeling to know that I have Harvey and Mark on my side. They’ve helped me grow and protect my business for a number of years. I can’t thank them enough!

  • Jeff T. – Real Estate Developer

    I have been a real estate developer and property manager in Chicago for over 30 years. Waller & Co. has helped keep me on top of my tax and corporate legal matters year after year with much satisfaction.

  • Drex – Radio Personality

    It’s good to know that Harvey is there to handle my affairs. Harvey helps me get more sleep at night and allows me to concentrate on what I do best!

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    Whether its general counsel I seek, or resolving various disputes; Harvey and Mark are always my go to.

  • Ron D. – Owner of Financial and Estate Advisory Firm

    I have been working with Harvey for over a decade and he is one of the few lawyers that I have encountered that possess adequate knowledge of estate and tax planning for me to feel comfortable sending my clients to. Simply stated, I trust Harvey with my clients 100%.

  • Mark P. – Owner of International Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm

    I’ve been with Harvey from the beginning of my career as a trader on the floor to my current ventures in International Real Estate. Harvey has been a much needed helping hand in my career and I couldn’t imagine life without him.


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