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Waller & Co. is a law firm that works with clients that have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong passion to protect everything for which they have worked hard. Waller & Co. applies a goal oriented, practical, and protective approach in helping its clients. Waller & Co. and its attorneys embody and value the following ideals:

  • Hard Work
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Family Oriented
  • Knowledge and Expertise

Our firm was started in the heart of Chicago over 30 years ago by Harvey Waller. After becoming a Certified Public Accountant, working for the Internal Revenue Service, owning several small businesses, receiving his law degree and practicing in a large firm, Harvey Waller set out on his own to utilize his unique background in tax, business, and law in servicing clients throughout the Chicagoland area. Harvey Waller has since become counsel to many individuals, families, and businesses; including manufacturers, financial services companies, physician groups, real estate developers, and nationally recognized entertainers.

Since that time, Waller & Co. has grown into a successful full service law firm providing advice and counsel to a variety of individuals, families, and businesses. Waller & Co. has developed a distinguished reputation of professionalism and expertise amongst its colleagues, clients, and the Chicagoland community.

Waller & Co.’s attorneys are more than just legal advisors since they consistently demonstrate care and commitment to their clients. Waller & Co. prides itself on becoming a part of the fabric of our clients’ professional and personal lives. Our attorneys continually collaborate and communicate with their clients throughout any engagement. This hands on and personal approach allows our attorneys to understand our clients well enough to provide superior personal attention that our clients deserve.

Waller & Co.’s attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds which includes tax, accounting, and finance. Waller & Co. specializes in numerous areas of practice which include: Estate Planning, Probate, Tax Law and Services, Business Law and Commercial Services, and Litigation. Like the clients we represent, our attorneys are skilled in numerous technical aspects, possess a keen business sense, adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and provide superior client service and value.

Our firm is an excellent choice for providing the type of legal, business or personal advice an individual or business may need. Simply put, we provide advice that works.

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  • Juan H. – Owner of Hispanic Grocery Distributor

    It’s a comfortable feeling to know that I have Harvey and Mark on my side. They’ve helped me grow and protect my business for a number of years. I can’t thank them enough!

  • Jeff T. – Real Estate Developer

    I have been a real estate developer and property manager in Chicago for over 30 years. Waller & Co. has helped keep me on top of my tax and corporate legal matters year after year with much satisfaction.

  • Drex – Radio Personality

    It’s good to know that Harvey is there to handle my affairs. Harvey helps me get more sleep at night and allows me to concentrate on what I do best!

  • Wayne B. – Owner of Janitorial Services Company

    Whether its general counsel I seek, or resolving various disputes; Harvey and Mark are always my go to.

  • Ron D. – Owner of Financial and Estate Advisory Firm

    I have been working with Harvey for over a decade and he is one of the few lawyers that I have encountered that possess adequate knowledge of estate and tax planning for me to feel comfortable sending my clients to. Simply stated, I trust Harvey with my clients 100%.

  • Mark P. – Owner of International Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm

    I’ve been with Harvey from the beginning of my career as a trader on the floor to my current ventures in International Real Estate. Harvey has been a much needed helping hand in my career and I couldn’t imagine life without him.


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